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Void of Hope



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The leaves are slowly falling down on the
road that brings you to your empty decision
Colours around you reminds you of the fall

The grey sky creates a subdued atmosphere
that embraces you where you stand
Thoughts about the world you will choose
appears in front of you

A colourful mass takes shape when you
sing your tones filled with depression
It feels lightly when you don't
have to think any more
Sounds falling drops reminds you
of this days harvest of agony
A calm echo is travelling
from tree to tree

Thoughts about the world you will choose
appears in front of you
Far away you can see the steep slope that
will be your last hope

Void of hope. Images in motion
Falling down. The mirror is broken

Suicides sweetness appearse the
same moment you open your eyes
The feeling of void before you
gives no hope in the future other
ones are trying to give you
The darkness symbolize what is your faith

Your eyes are becoming red by the
blood while this world is getting
darker for every day
Tears from the sky cleans your
agony away
Beside the road, a tree starts to
shiver, while you are walking forward,
haunted by the night
Colours around you reminds you
of the fall

You float weightless, Everything
becomes black before your eyes
Creepy feeling of intoxication appears.
Everything turns to simple
No thoughts, only loneliness,
You are close now
You can feel the law of gravity.
No thoughts, only a lonely death...

A last thought about what
has been your life makes your
belief in death even stronger
A faint sigh that gives you
shivering, that makes you cold
You are looking at this burning world
go up in smoke, the atmosphere
makes you weak-kneed
It's time to yield for the
beast that is caged...

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