Rod Stewart

Letra de la canción

Even though I disappear I will never leave your side.
The truth, the one that cheats the most,
blew my mind not once, not twice.

The things that you’ve created,
this world that you have made,
it found me, cured me, poured me, saved me.

I owe a lot to you, my child.
You made me face my fears, face my love.
You made me weak, you made me strong.

How could I ever leave you?
I can’t, I don’t want to, I won’t.
You've melt both poles.
You’re the magician, you’re the blue one.

I’ve kept every word, every sign.
Song after song,
it will always be the way
to make us feel and someday understand
all those things trapped in silence.

You’re like that part of me that's been lost,
and I can’t help feeling the things I can’t deny.
If you could only know how hard it’s been all along,
to leave and bleed, to die, rebirth,
to love you like I did, to split my soul in two.

All the moments we have shared,
all of them I've always loved.
Let me try just one more time,
What is it you want to do?
What is it you're reaching for?
What is it worth fighting for?

Come and fine me like you used to.
If you need me I'm right here.
Come and share, just if you want to,
this filled of beauty life with me.

My ocean child.
Beautiful one.
My blue.

Letra añadida por: me with you

Rod Stewart
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