Please don't go away
i won't be left alone
tomorrow maybe california
but today right here is your home

[pre-chorus x2]
let's pack up our bags and get on the road
let's ride, ride, ride!
let's lock all the doors and head out…
to california!

We'll grab some food on our way
we don't need much cash at all
we can hit ohio by today
can you hear california call?

[pre-chorus x2]

[chorus x2]
i left you by the water
i left you by the alter
the mountains are too high
the valleys are too low
but it's fine in california
to california we must go!

[pre-chorus x2]

[chorus x2]

i'm going home…
i'm going home…
i'm going home…
i'm going home…

i'm going home

[pre-chorus x2]


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