Hazy Hamlet

Letra de la canción

Another war explodes
Another lives scythe
Helheim gates once more are open
To hail the dead mankind

The Protector God is watching
From up above His clouds
His furious heart beats faster
Each time the bugle sounds

Bringing storm
Mjölnir invades the night,
Berserker red,
Flashing before His eyes!

(Chorus 2x)
Chariot of Thor, oh oh oh
Lightning strikes, when crossing the skies!

See the black fur of Tanngrisnir
The bereavement color it wears
Out from the Tanngniost hoofs
Roaming suffering meets the air

Only by His hammer
Midgard shall find its peace,
One by one meet thunder,
A trial by His fist!

(Chorus 2x)


(Chorus 2x)
Chariot of Thor... Across the skies!

Letra añadida por: alejandra666 (#12.102)

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