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Drive through the night with no end in sight.
ten hour shift with ten hours left.
a rainy day when we pull into la.
dreaming of my home three thousand miles away.
then i woke up in southern california.
a world away from the only life i've known.
i'll spend a month stuck in california.
people all around me but i never felt so alone.
hollywood is nice but it will never be my home sweet home.
three more weeks in la mirada.
money's running out and it's gonna get harder.
wastin' my days away.
today i woke up at three, tomorrow we'll do the same.
put on my aftershave, get dressed and out the door by 4:58.
we hit the streets find a place to eat.
grab fourteen friends and jump into the van.
three to a seat we head to the beach.
ain't got no money the waves are always free.
i've found a home in southern california.
sleep on a couch crash in with the jones'.
it's not so bad being stuck in southern california.
i've come to find however far away i'm not alone.
i've found a family a second home sweet home.
savannah, georgia, still on my mind.
city of angels residential for the mean time.
watching time go by, my days turned into nights.
monday we take to the sky.
washington state.
then back for two days, say goodbye, and drive away.
we drive away.

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