Canción 'Between Fear And Desire' interpretada por Robi Draco Rosa

Between Fear And Desire Letra y Canción

Robi Draco Rosa

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BETWEEN FEAR AND DESIRE es una canción de Robi Draco Rosa.


'Between Fear And Desire'

It`s coming on lately
and I need to find some time
some time to think
things through
alone in a strange place
I reach out my hand to find
reaching out to you
and like the rain that comes end
wash away the doubt
yeah I can fell it coming raging
takes me like a storm
love is really
the times that I gave in
or even persuaded time
I`ve been waiting
for a sign
but how can I learn to give
in an unselfish way
when it`s
been me from who I hide
and just a chance to find
is all I`m asking for
I won`t let you down
I love you girl
you`re the only one for me