Letra Call Me (come Back Home) Al Green

Call Me (come Back Home) Letra

Al Green

Letra, canción

'Call Me (come Back Home)' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Call Me.


'Call Me (come Back Home)'

Call me...
call me...
call me...
what a beautiful time we had together,
now it's getting late and we must leave each other,
just remember the time we had,
and how right i tried to be,
it's all in a day's work,
call me...
losing your love, acting foolishly,
go on and take your time,
you're already losing me,
love is a long ways from here,
'cause it's all in the way you feel,
if love is real, come to me.
call me...
call me...
call me... (come back home)
the best thing i can do is give you your love,
that you're going away feeling as free as a dove,
and if you find you's a long way from home,
and if somebody's doin' you wrong,
just call me baby... (come back home)
call me...
call me...
call me... (come back home)
...ain't things going right.
it's all in a day's work
call me...
you can call me when you're feelin' sad, baby...
It's all in a day's work...
come back home...

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