Blood-Stained Hands

Letra de la canción

Insane, am I the only motherfuc*** with a brain?
I'm hearing voices, but all they do is complain
How many times, have you wanted to kill?
Everything and everyone, say you'll do it but never will
I am my father's son, 'cause he's a phantom
A mystery, and that leaves me nothing
How many times, have you wanted to die?
It's too late for me, all you had to do was get rid of me
I just can't breathe without you
My heart bleeds out sorrow
Would this scorn her of romance? I can't see your faces.
My heart turned black before I choke on the best of reasons, love's gone and never coming back
Can I frame your love in my head
I wanna wake you up to shine
I'll wake you up to shine
Don't you wish you could close your eyes
And pretend but this suffocating memory just wont end.
You could have saved us
Instead you erased us
Don't you wish you could just close your eyes
And pretend that this suffocating memory dies
Just die
Just die
For you I would die!
So, you look up at your maker, you're almost gone
You're almost there, You're almost gone
I wont be nothing, turn back!
Closed your eyes because you looked so terrified
Don't look down, look and see
We have never been in a locked off heart-attack, this is
our deathbed
You’re worthless, you plague humanity
Be nothing without me
Your curses try to get back to me
But still there is no time

Letra añadida por: Eliron

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