Bright Lights, Bigger City de Cee Lo Green

Bright Lights, Bigger City Letra

Cee Lo Green


'Bright Lights, Bigger City'


Im living for the weekend but know more
Cause she comes that for me your feeling
That Fridays famous for
Yeah, Im looking for some action
And its out there somewhere
You can feel the electricity, on and in the air
And it may be just more off the same
But sometimes I wanna go out where knows your name
So I guess Ill have to wait and see
But Im just gonna let something brand new happen to me

And its all right, its all right, its all right, its all right, its all right
Bright lights bigger city belongs to us tonight, tonight

Fridays cool but theres something about Saturday night
You cant say what you wont do cause you know you just might
Our lives this evening it was love at first sight
This Saturday and every Saturday for the rest of my life
And everyone standing in line
Yeah, looking good and looking for a real good time
And I never had to wonder if
Ill have someone to share out of this wish


Guess I need it, everybody does
Got tells and conversation, music and making love


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