Aaron Fresh

Letra de la canción

Yea , Ha it's Fresh Uh

See it's Aaron Fresh On The Name Tag
Call Me Fabolous Cuz You Can Throw it in The Bag
Shawty Lookin Right And She Wanna Be Bad
But i'm in The Stars i'll See You When i Get Back

Man i Swear This Life is Too Much For One To Handle
But i'm A Different Species, Light it Up Like a Candle
Only 17 And Kinda Hard To Dismantle
i'm On Ya T.V. Find Me On The Freshest Channel

That's Why i Say Thank You Nick Cannon For Makin My Dreams Happen
Cuz Without That Dude , You Might Not Know This Dude
So i Rep Out NCredible it's Like My Second Home
And i Aint Goin Home Til im Done Wit This Song

Nasty On The Track The Haters Don't Wanna Hear
And The Haters Are The Rappers And Singers That Really Fear
They Really Doubtin Me They Say They Get Me By The Year
But i Got Singles Out While They Still Over There Ah

Trini Girls, Trini Girls , Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie More
Oh Them Girls Rock My World Send Me Send Me Send Me More
The Rhymes Are Gettin Meaner , The Cash it Gettin Greener
And A Big Shoutout To All The Babes All From Arima

Ok Everybody Know that Fresh is The Best No Contest
Feelin Like a Mess Cuz Ya Aint Team Fresh
And Ya Just Got Served So Tell Me Who's Next
Oh He Fresh

Comin From Trinidad Boys Are Gettin Really Mad
Cuz What i'm Doin They Pursuin And im Gettin Gettin Glad
Yea i See The Benz's And i See The Necklace
Man i Know i Aint Got That But i'm About My Business
Ok , You Know , Yea

Yo What Happened To The Beat?
Guess it Was too Hot ! Hahaha
Yah !

Letra añadida por: RadioDisneyMusic (#8.230)

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