'Loosen the knot' de Lissie (Catching a Tiger)

Loosen the knot




Humour me this one last time
Think I’ve just made up my mind
Looking at me like a lover does
It’ll never be the way it was


Feel that chord that holds us tight
Let’s unravel it tonight

I wanna loosen up loosen up
Loosen the knot
The knot that is holding us
Binding us
Tying us together now

Undermining what I do
No one does it better than you
When you change your attitude
Things will change ‘tween me and you
But the end is comin’ darling and I’m bringing the news

Said I would give it up, toughen up
Like it or not
Baby It’s all that is stopping us
Keeping us together now
Together now

Together now, together now, together, now
Humour me this one last time

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