Green Ice

Letra de la canción

M: Hello
W: Hi Michael. I am Rena.
M: How are you?
W: I am loney. Meet me here tonight
M: OK. See you later.
W: Bye.

Please don't keep me waiting
Give me some loving
Our love is so hot, turn it on
Please don't leave me early
I can't live without you
Someday you will need me
Perhaps you love me

Hold me in your arms again
Love me again until the end
Tonight take me to the top
Do the thing that is the drug

Oh Gigolo Take my love again in the night
Oh Gigolo Lay your body and make it mine
Oh Gigolo Till guard your love in my heart
Oh Gigolo Touch my body and move in time

Please hold me tonight, I can't live without you.
My body burns like fire, I want to feel your lips.
Oh touch me me, touch me tonight.

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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