La Bionda

Letra de la canción

The climate of the night it’s the blues
You realise you’ve nothing to lose
So let’s stroll with you sole
To the place where the night meets the morning

The Pand is looking dead on its feet
But how your sexy perfume is sweet
So let’s dance, take a chance on the soul that we both can believe in.
Would you care if I dare to possess what I feel in your kiss?

Do you want to meet me on the terrace of the Moonlight Palais?
Would you like to dance until the music quits at dawn of the day?
Can I show you something that you never dreamed existed before?
Moving to the rhythm that is keeping us so close on the floor

The time is right for falling in love
The crystal ball is turning above
And the glimpse starts a dream at the bar with a whisky sweeten

The feeling is Corsica passion
And now I’m sure it’s sophistication
As I squeeze if you please in a way that can not be mistaken
Would you care if I dare to possess what I feel in your kiss?

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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