Can I Get A Hit Letra y Canción

Cypress Hill

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CAN I GET A HIT es una canción de Cypress Hill que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Skull & Bones.


'Can I Get A Hit'

Handle it, handle it
You know, motherfuckers need to have some weed etiquette
True, true
You see, motherfuckers try to come up and bogard your weed
At the club, and they don't want to share theirs
Can I get a hit of your weed [Repeats]

You know I hate it when I roll a joint and give it to somebody
Who ain't got weed but they want to be up in the party
Laughing and giggling, sipping on a Heinie
Son you need a Tic Tac your breath is gonna blind me
Talking about you want to hit, spitting in my eardrum
Oh you new in the cypher, step to the rear son
Still they manage to hit it, and put they grip on it
That's when they wet the tip and put they lips on it
Then when you get it, forget it, it's been wetted
Who gonna hit it now, not me, you got me
Thinking about these fucking jokers, double tokers
Smokers who hit it like they sucking a dick, fuckers
Flipping it, loving it, smoking it to the head
Giving it to me half way down, \"thanks again\"
Then when you see 'em later smoking they own stash
When you ask 'em for a hit, they say, \"sorry this is my last\"
I shared some with you, \"Sorry that's not my problem
Talk to the hand but I got plenty if you want to buy some\"
These people piss me off, this is true indeed
But nothing's worse when someone's asking for some weed
What do I look like a tree where the bud grows
Here pick my left nut and smoke it in the bol
Or better grow your own leave mine alone
Here I'll give you a clone now raise up outta my zone
I know I got the best weed, but don't make me
Make your burnt chest bleed what you need
Is weed etiquette, please don't be offended
'cause the weed costs money I'm the one who has to spend it

And that's just the way it is man
Y'all motherfuckers need to learn
You just can't come, asking for some shit and not giving none in return
What the fuck is that man? We going into 2000 motherfucker
You need to learn how to smoke some weed with people
Pass it to the left motherfuckers
Can I get a hit of your weed [Repeats]

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