Robin Williams

Letra de la canción

So unimpressed but so in awe
such a saint but such a whore
so self aware, so full of shit
so indecisive, so adamant
I'm contemplating thinking about thinking
it's so frustrated just get another drink in
watch me come undone

they're selling razor blades and
mirrors in the street
( come undone )
pray that when I'm coming down
you'll be asleep
( come undone )
If I ever hurt you your
revenge will be so sweet
because I'm scum and I'm your son
( I come undone )

so rock and roll, so corporate suit
so damn ugly, so damn cute
so well trained, so animal
so need your love, so f*** you all
I'm not scared of dying, I just don't want to
if I stopped Iying, I'd just disappoint you
( I come undone )

so write another ballad
mix it on a wednesday
sell it on a thursday
buy a yacht by saturday
"i'ts a love song"
do another interview, sign a bunch of lies
tell about celebrities that I despise
and sign love songs
we sing loves songs
"so sincere"

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Robin Williams
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