Canción 'Unleash the Sands of all Time' del disco 'Say No to the World' interpretada por LostAlone

Unleash the Sands of all Time Letra


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UNLEASH THE SANDS OF ALL TIME es una canción de LostAlone del año 2007, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Say No to the World.

Letra 'Unleash the Sands of all Time'

Search yourself you are the world tonight
Would you give it all in slight in stealth
As we try to fake indifference
But you can’t disguise this love
To say goodbye is the hardest thing in life

And to let go
The ghost in my head made me say what I said
You’ll never fall in love with anyone but me
With a thirst and a hope and a loss of control
Do you want a ride unleash the sands of all time
Serve your soul nourish and enrich and touch
And do it all despite yourself
As we fly the heart of you is beating fast
Take control you give it all you got but you want more

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