Fatherland - Die Krupps | II: The Final Option

Fatherland Letra

Die Krupps


Fatherland (Letra/Lyrics)

I see houses burning I'm ashamed
Before you close your eyes denyingly
You'd better ask yourself

Did I choose something I could regret
Did I do something I should regret

Is this the place I used to call - Fatherland
Is this the place I used to know - as Fatherland

The silence is illusion stay awake
I hear children crying in fear and pain
Do cowards ask themselves?

Datos de Fatherland

FATHERLAND es una canción de Die Krupps del año 1993, este tema está incluido dentro del disco II: The Final Option. Agradecemos a LoIndio por haber sudido la letra de Fatherland.