Sharyn Maceren

Letra de la canción

I heard them say that breaking up
Is hard to do
I guess they lied 'cause it was
So easy for you
You left me all alone without
A reason why
Just seen you walk outside the door
And say goodbye

That's all I heard you say
And I ran outside
And yelled,
Baby, why won't you stay?

They say I'll get over it
They say I'll get over it
I know I'll get over it
All I really need is
Just A Little More Time

Verse II
It's been some months and still I
Haven't let you go
I talk about you still
To everyone I know
But they keep telling me
You weren't good anyway
I know they're right
But I don't hear a word they say

Pre-Chorus II
I don't
'Cause love is deaf and blind
And your memory
Still burns inside my mind
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

Sharyn Maceren
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