Bienvenidos a mi Planeta de Chyste Mc

Bienvenidos a mi Planeta en inglés

Chyste Mc


Bienvenidos a mi Planeta (en inglés)

Pla-Pla Planet Rock
Brother in first row veil
And all-all everyone present
Shakes hands with hip-hip hip hop
There are five ways the same philosophy
From Pole to Pole union with rap
Overcrowding by binding
Pa-pa pa who sees

The board of mc's in the under or Sequel
making sacrifices in the street, at school,
binding rap, old, new, in one
with respect to the population, the political and sympathetic,
Chileans who take micro,
keep doing hip hop attached is our commitment,
expressing freestyle or in front of a microphone.

(Prophet Marginal)
This rap is an ancient ritual, mental exercise,
a hellish track, marginal, vocal, oral tradition,
I rise and fly, I give with a heart of ice,
an issue underground, underground candle burns in fire
an idea without Monea, street raps without a fight,
sampling it is created, used, pa you see it,
as and wherever, commitment to art,
is making plans, quea and busting the speakers.

Between words and gutter is my planet,
andamo sometimes with luck, sometimes bad luck,
rap is my most particular aspect,
injected me perfectly,
if you do this huea for profit, fried forestay
as a croquette.

We do not want more masks or morisquetas,
fists and we see that at last we are respected,
that is the goal, the pen does gymnastics,
I hear this pirouette, I stay awake while many
and are zeta.

More than rap, this track emphasizes the unity that exists,
more than boxes it comes to portraying the landscape,
passages from which flows the phrases, break dance
and steps, traces of this language,
hip hop rebellion put pace,
There are five ways the same philosophy,
if daily fragmentary neighborhood is,
this culture brings the unit to Clotaire Blest.

Communion tone, mission, song with a microphone,
dethroned the throne, the individual lead, no protocol,
from pole to pole union with rap,
in chorus, happier everything File For in ritual, nothing sea alone,
my cure rap mode, monkey figure, height of Frodo,
my sweetness of pure soul, the brotherhood of chromium,
explore and improve, my bro planet yet implore,
I rang the planet rock born of mud.

(Michu Mc)
The space is already armed, this all people present,
four days of pure rap pa 'come and feed your mind,
ears open, available to one hundred percent,
this is made at all times,
by walkers same cement, rescued the root,
four branches across the country, it is no coincidence
an issue with sixteen mc's more the Cid,
is given the junction, we count on your participation,
this is not the organization but of hip hop and nation.

As a fifth branch, rap pa 'quench my thirst,
conscious hip hop is the brand I sponsor,
from vinyl to cassette, mp3 or internet,
thirty years changing the format and giving the fight,
against buying the planet with his power,
I make my planet on a rock in his hundred,
peace, truth, respect, and Nehuen Quimun, and if you feel
well my people, who are dancing too.

(Anita Tijoux)
Juma and is, join pa'l advance,
no time to lose, we'll level up,
all colleagues, of all flags,
Join sum already are part of this school,
our purpose is tactical, Antarctic atacama do this,
one viaticum, the power of a microphone is so practical,
and magical, real dream as tacit,
It is like the contact, break a covenant act, na 'brought.

Pin, comrade, bedridden, perched,
the community, the hand with hip hop occurs,
overcrowding by binding, with no mai,
and that our cordial invitation rap
and pull it out from the inside, my engine, single color,

Yo, yo
I, I

The rap is out of control,
no one can stand,
Rhyme lot, and have transportation,
soon comes to sound in your ears, on your horizon,
watch these mc's, this beat as a sport,
discuss it in the north, south, on the west,
environment hip hop, death,
the head pa'l front, pa 'tras, pa'l front,
which sounded earlier, now, and forever.

(Chyste Mc)
I came to try to free my truth in lines
without thinking ask rap, and you
dress, my elite will emit Respect,
and the same is it back, then they hit,
and it is a vicious circle, come give me your hand, I give mine,
if you do every day, if you knew that I come post of attachment,
oh with function, as we all honor planet rock.

(Mc Erko)
I note that in this temple, brain and be bro,
example is the hip hop came and broke the concept of God,
all mainstay and is made with effort,
no walls separate and roof is the universe,
but what motivates rap, but that part of your life,
respect and peace to the mound, no kit for participating,
what you expect and the surrounding inherited generation
each grain of sand building a large mountain.

Today I live with rhythm, live hip hop,
planning each step, maqueteando each disk,
drawing melodies in different places,
pa'l who lived and able to recover the earthquake, also,
strolling through gigs every weekend,
compare, years ago there was nothing,
now evolving passion for what we breathe,
admiration for colleagues Chilean hip hop.

I participate and I anticipate and po, by living love,
live hip hop, rather than an artistic plan,
Eden, are networks of knowledge,
You can participate too,
because everyday is the book that everyone can read,
why unites common experiences that consume us,
these mc's and assume their role from Monday to Monday,
sound, solid, cheerful and hurt,
People who have not gone, we are more than a nest of idols.

(Lantern Veider)
I invite you to tour the rapper, the trickster world
brother veil first row and fingers touch me,
we are all friends here, South American power,
hip hop until thong gray,
until the micro burst into flames,
They come with the drum, are power,
with cocaví or the flower,
a red or a pisco sour,
are all welcome,
until the kids with the nest milk,
I pulento without stealth scratch with vinyl.

(Dairy Mon)
Living day by day, four times, melodies,
vacilón in the gig, giving more wisdom,
nobody imagined that on this day,
the voices of Chilean hip hop would gather,
beings of a more rapper crest planet,
pulenta saying, what street protest,
this is how we live, hip hop on the senses,
to give good music directly to your ears.

Welcome all to my planet ...
Festival hip hop ...
Welcome all to my planet ...
The fifth element is knowledge
Welcome all to my Planet!
Hip Hop Festival ...
Welcome all to my Planet!

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