Dylath Leen

Letra de la canción

You're the black thorn on my brow that keeps me the right track

As my eyes turn crimson
As my thoughts turn into the jumble of an unsteady mixture
My arms embrace the horizon
In a shiver of sensual delight

You're the spear in my insides that keeps myself erect

Praises emanate from a lowering sky
Its blinding darkness makes me waver
And push me towards a delicious exhilaration
Do myself yours and eat me
I will be your wine and your bread
Your blood and your flesh

I can feel the holes extending in my blackbone
In a epileptic pleasure
Adorn my body of your wounds
You're the metastases that palay human being

You're my whole thing
My whoke life, my whole soul

In a spellbinding Hebraic praise you guide my steps
Like a Jesuitical transplant I live in you

Letra añadida por: Jever00

Dylath Leen
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