Ted Nugent

Letra de la canción

Hear him on the radio. See him on the news.
See him on the TV. Y'a hear him sing the blues,
Welcome to his nightmare He's been through the mill.
Death by misadventure. A case of overkill.

He stayed awake 'til daylight, didn't believe in health.
He never saw the sunrise, didn't believe in wealth.
Wrote dramatic music, was a rollin' stone.
No one understood him, they just left him alone.

Hear him on the radio. see him on the news.
See him on the tv, hear him sing the blues.
Welcome to his nightmare he's been through the mill
Death by misadventure, a case of overkill.

Death by misadventure(Repeats)

Letra añadida por: DarioBlas (#8.704)

Ted Nugent
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