Letra de la canción

Another time and another place, another nigth and another girl
Yes I´m in another time, in another place, with another girl.

And when she laughs, I can´t help but think
about the days spent on earth with you,
way back when the time was new
when the days were few all because of you.

And when she cries, I can´t help but think
about the nigths when I was with you.
way back in another time, in another place,in another world.

And if you knew how I miss you so
and if you would let me love you so
I´d believe in another time, in another place, in another world.

It´s been so long since I last saw you
It´s been so hard living without you
thinking of another time, of another place, of another girl

Someday if I fall in the emptiness
I may find out in my loneliness
I vow for another time, for another place, for another girl
I vow to another time, to another place, to another girl.

Letra añadida por: ETHAN BLOOD

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