Ñengo Flow

Letra de la canción

Musicolog and volumes
the nasa

Hey this is the school
fishing dirty whores in
disk as divers
this is pure bellaquera
pa empatarre you
perreo and lots dosi
pa that maon is esgarre

well bellacona agarrate
agarrate Muéveme that botty
bellacona agarrate garrate
vamo to give music ñengo flow
at home

arribas bottles
drinking champagne
demonesses where cats
are where they are

I exploded note Subele volume,
lucy is attacking pa that the squeeze on,
grab it and take it
anything that covers
it goes up endemonia pa
when the note rises,

yellow gold flow 90 she is my client,
giving punishment breaking puñeta
and will pa 'front
and you do not take the singer,
which puts him well dance like your camper,

I'm showing him winning it by the neck,
I never get tired girl I keep punishing,
ñengo with serum,
the flow of bandit
We gunmen warrior's heart,
vice of cats that walk enchunba,

ñengo tell me baby you're the Pope,
you me you see above you feel down
you jump tits
are you wet the ends,
d.o the danger zone!
ñengoso well somabitch mighty fine,

bellacona well grab grab
your part in each and all
which you stick to war,
bellacona good hold on hold on,
if I pulled that pelito you and I embarrazo.

They put a phony seeking sex other money,
us in the movie to tony,
the william pliers neckline and bichote,
the mahon is pumped to the bun is bud,
this roguish I get up in the soup,
musicologo one dembow and
she takes off her clothes,
5:00 a.m. and is the call a corrillaje,

90 messages 50 calls,
the control and I took her to the chori,
I leave on foot and rescued in trolly,
you do not answer me when I come,
those of D. Ozi nazza with ñengo.
(one party whores, miscreants and blakis,
isy lebrón scented dress my jakie,
not these garments them one blon
here we go to explode with music traque)

bellacona good hold on hold on,
grab the bellacona botty,
hold on hold on, hold the bellacona botty,
grab grab your doblas
and parts to all who will enliven atorra,
grab grab if I pulled by the hair
and I pullo puppy in Barraso

Letra añadida por: xiko miusick

Ñengo Flow

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