Love Never Dies

Mother Please, I'm Scared! - Letra

Love Never Dies

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Mother, please, I'm scared!
What a dream,
An awful dream!
Someone strange and mad
Seizing me and drowning me!

(Christine - Spoken)
Shh! Gustave, it's all right. Come and meet a friend of mine.

Welcome to
My world, my friend.

(Christine - Spoken)
Gustave, this is Mr. Y.

This place is yours?

Every inch of it.

Tell me where you'd like to go,
Tell me what you want to see,
I can grant any wish.

Could you show me, if you please,
All the island's mysteries?
All that's strange and wild and dark
In the shadows of the park?

(Phantom - Spoken)
Ha ha ha ha. You shall see it all tomorrow. I promise.

Back to sleep now, Gustave.

Yes, Mother.