The Rasmus

'It's Your Night' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco The Rasmus.


Yesterday is nothing but a heartbreaking lie
Don't wanna breathe but i think you should give it a try
You don't know why but you wonder if he'll ever call
Let it fo, can't you see the writings on the wall
It's yuor heart on the line

If you want some more
Get down on the floor
What you're waiting for?
It's your night
Go and live your life
Just don't turn the knife
Fade into the light
It's your night

Yesterday is nothings but a bad memory
And it's time get rid of it eternally
You're not alone don't you worry about it anymore
The night is yours and i wonder what you're waiting for
It can only get better

It's a heartless life
And it's gone in a minute
So shy don't you admit it
It's a cruel cruel world
A cradle of sinners
Where the loser are winners