Anni B. Sweet

Good bye child - Letra

Anni B. Sweet

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Are you still alive?
bben looking for you for a long time
hey, don’t fall asleep again
get up from that couch and leave your house

Where is your mommy now?
Gone and left you in this old town
oh, suddenly you are getting old
only love will find you way to youth

Say bye
good bye

Good bye child
you must go now, you must grow now
there’s a place, you can’t return to
so you must grow now

Now you found somebody
to share your love with for a few weeks
oh, suddenly you are all alone
only love will find your way back home

Say bye
Good bye

Good bye child
You must go now, you must grow now
there’s a place , you can’t return yo
so you must grow now

Find yourself a rent
that you will call in a few days
but don’t let old age
don’t let old age carry your youth away!