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Galbraith street - Letra

Amy Speace

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I woke up on Galbraith Street where the houses stood like twins,
oh and even though the door’s been closed I can find a way to get back in.
For in daydreams,
my mind returns like a ghost upon the hill as I knock upon old doors again and find my friends all live there still.
So many good times to speak of in a life,
but none compared to the good times I had there still.
The world looks so much brighter when you believe in every word.

Now I’m holding on to all those years like a tear before it falls unheard.
So many goodbyes to speak of in a life but none compared to the goodbyes I said there.
The sun went down on Galbraith Street,
I saw it from my childhood bed,
as the red and gold brick houses stood underneath a crimson sky that bled.