Don't call me baby



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Christina- We Met This Rapper Online
Lisa- He's So Adorable, He's Nice
Dani- Yeah, Back Up Ladies He's Mine, You're Getting In My Way
Amy- He Makes Good Videos too
Katherine- Invite Him Out To Our Shoot
Lauren- He's Older Brother Is Cute
Dani- Still Getting In My Way

Lisa- I Love This Lip Gloss
Christina- Hey, That's The One That I Bought!
Katherine- LOOK! I Can't Tell From This Spot
Dani- Where You Thik You're Going?...PINCH ME

Cimorelli- Hey we just met you, and this is crazy
Lisa- You're so adorable!
MattyBraps- Thanks! But i'm not a baby
Amy- I bet all the other girls, try to chase you!
Christina- Look how precious!
MattyBraps- That's Nice But, i'm not a baby
Dani- Hey, i just met you, and they're all crazy! I like you're hat though
MattyBraps- Thanks, Is Matty...
Cimorelli- BABY!

MattyBraps- I'm used to all the girls, so let's all face me!
Christina- Let's Take a picture
Lauren- Say Cheese, Matty baby

MattyBraps- I'm like yo! even Though i'm not grow up Big, i wanna do me do me can i live. My flow that's for, not you wanna play with, I mean
Dani- Hey matty need a friend?
MattyBraps- That's cool i'm just trying to clean my head, this rap's is the last i ever lived, i can see my blowing big on tour on tour!
Katherine- You win the cutest award
Dani- Ummm... Hey we're talking
Christina- yes that's why we're stalkin
Dani- Let's go...
Lauren, Lisa, Amy- AND WE'RE WALKING!
Lisa- This going on youtube
MattyBraps- I give up!!
Cimorelli- Wait, We just Met you, and this is crazy!
MattyBraps- I dig this enthusiasm ladies but i'm not a baby!
Lauren- And all of my friends thik you're amazing!
Dani- So do you have a girlfriend or...
Christina- DANI...
Cimorelli- Is just a baby
MattyBraps- Girls look, i jus met you all and you're very crazy!
Dani- I know right, here's my number so call me maybe!
Cimorelli- And all of us girls
MattyBraps- Drive me crazy!
Lisa- Thik you're the cutest
MattyBraps- Teenage crazy town STOP!
Cimorelli- Before he came into our likes, we missed him so bad we missed him so bad
Dani- we missed him so so bad
MattyBraps- I guess they'll never realize but they should know that but they should know that
Lauren, Amy- Hey, Can we wear you're hat?

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