The Jezabels

Letra de la canción

There’s a cold, easy glow dancing over our street.
I could have chased it down.
I could’ve held your love,
But wouldn’t you think me weak?

Of all, I should know
How the streets come and go
When you chase the kaleidoscope dream, but,
Stranger, baby, always keep me in your sweet memory.

Biting cold, thrashing, scolding,
Drowned me under our street.
Perfect hips, perfects tits she was.
Perfect lips, pieces of your heart,
Splattered on the cliff.

We go home, watch a movie.
Tell me can you feel the beat?
Getting loose, getting loose she was,
Letting those feeling loose;
She was, becoming a monster.

She drew the line in the mind.
She was not holding on.

And have you been through the sea, on the night?
Hold me tight. Babe, we’ve got it.
And did you find that you’d like a little
Piece of cherry pie, hot from the oven?

The oven?

And it was "who let the girl out",
Let the dog out "let the girl out",
Don’t you miss me the way I miss you?

Sailor, Sailor, Sailor,
I’m sending birds to watch over you.
And when you see Honah Lee is a lie,
Hold me tight. Babe, we’ve got it.

All you need, honestly,
A little piece of cherry pie,
Hot from the oven.

On your knees, face me, cherry pie, baby.
On your knees, face me, cherry pie, baby.
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: danielrm (#11.962)

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