Día Sexto

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Día Sexto


I go to brutal,
smashing the glass,
I like lime
that leaves a trail in passing.

If you are subnormal
I see quite normal
you want rapping and forget the message.

I'm like a massage,
no toll collection,
just want to be a tribute to the language,
no matter your outfit,
I did not bring a case
the idea that view as you leave the hmm.

If that's what I
you can call me MC,
Also you can call me 27 in my district,
loose just screams,
and not complicate.

If you come pa collaboration and do not know or express.
Respite waterfront
I clean in a bar,
and if you get silly as we're going to f***.
Love and respect,
how to interpret,
letters that this guy writes.

It is becoming worse,
you're a great actor,
look the best,
but then you listen to me and you run out of sweat.

It custioón of honor,
is a matter of love,
is a question that you and your BMW but I can not cane.
Here Bed Spain
drive is a feat,
and the woman who accompanies you
is only deceives,
Do you miss it?

Already a hoax,
'll see tomorrow if you appear to tirao in a ditch
that is your goal.
First is respected,
athletic competition.
It is if you're the A I'm the Z,
if we are Alpha and Beta the memory is full.

Like that time I set fire to the Virgin of the Cheperudeta.

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