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Featuring killarmy

* only released in europe mainly french rap does have 3 wu tang tracks

[intro: remedy (islord)]

Chant the anthem let that beat go what what
Chant the fuc*** anthem we got the remedy
For all you mother fuck*** ails
(what what what what) word up chant the anthem
Chant the anthem chant the anthem chant the anthem
We got the remedy for all your fuc*** ails
(yo, what, what, what, what), chant the fuc*** anthem
(we got the remedy with the sword
For all your fuc*** ails, yo, yo, killarmy)
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

The laws of physics keep us ground to the solar
The soul controller, secondary to the power of polar
Magnetic tendancies with mobile independancies
Essentially balls in energy, man kind yearns for remedy
Rival countries declare war for control of the land
Money and power, man, but street's is demand
By the hour, daily mixtures, predictions by biblical scriptures
Your life's a non-fiction, that's your picture that hits ya
Vision quest, the true test of fruits, the nature's temptation
When man is the devil and the greed of the nation
There's no excuse for the iducin, elusive for seducin ya
Abuse of the mental's defusin ya, confusin ya
Inconclusiveness, thought can't be taught with no nucleus
That's truth in this, truth master, self-exclusiveness
For glory, the blood of a million spills, a long stories
It suits ya, remedy forever givin knowlege for the future

[beretta 9]
There's no devil without the god, no time's without the hard
No struggle without the strive, we all fight to stay alive
In this wilderness, who missin off, my nigga's soul leak with the safety off
I observed through the corner of my eye, pull the five, most is blind
Father with the two to time, there's no fib without the crime
My silent weapon is my mind, selfish come, come, focus, shine
Together as one mind, united we stand, so let us all combine
Together as one mind, for once scrap the nine
Then the culturally refined, wait, no, so waste no time, niggaz

[chorus: remedy]
Chant my anthem, chant the anthem, chant my anthem
We got the remedy, we got the remedy for all your fuc*** ails
Chant the anthem, chant the anthem, chant the anthem
We got the remedy, we got the remedy for all your fuc*** ails
Chant the anthem, chant the anthem

Eh yo, lyrically, i got all ya niggaz under my wing
Cuz i bring terror, throughout this fast era
Like them muslim cats, who don't give a f***
About blowin this spot off the map
Where mayor juliani rest at, so let me get that
Microphone up off of you, cuz it's definately
Not meant for you to have it in your palm
And try to rock the crowd, but all alone, they stayed calm
And waited for the god islord to drop a bomb
And swarm the stage, about a hundred, phat
With lyrical material that's all that
Like a two point five karat cluster, jewels
Rocked for pattern their belt
Cuz everything is real, kid, debt up
Like cipher, two were kids, gettin set up
For a god-g heist, it ain't nice
As we ran up in the crib twice
And stuck the kid and smacked the wife
Cuz she had on two chains
With a tray full of ice in em
But that's how it goes down
When you're livin in the cold world

[chorus x1.5]

[shogun assason]
Yo, yo, i sling war slang like coccaine
Verbal dope that numbs your brain
Like a shot of novacainne
In your death you will feel no pain
I should teach you with my sword
And the tip was poisonous
Snakes speak lies and their words is venomous
Wu hits come continous
Cause i don't give a f*** about '97
Ain't feelin this
See what i'm revealin is the truth
And actual facts be the proof
The youth be the fruits
And the elders be the roots
I stand solid, on the firament
This black man be the dominant intelligence
These be the word's from my testament

Yo, yo, against the odds, devil with the gods
Fertilize the eggs, spread and plant new pods
The savior, three sixty degrees from the alpha to omega
Walks with the blue lifesaver
Remedy know the enemy
Ancient mathematics from the mentally headstrong
Physically and mentally, mind in meditation
Constant elevation, resistin temptation
Hidden master plans of world domination

[chorus to fade]



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