Kevin Johansen

My name is Peligro

Kevin Johansen


My name is Peligro Letra

I’m a true caballero

but I’m lost in el desierto

I’ve got **** days despierto

otherwise I’d be muerto

people run and hide when they see me

as if I was some kind of disease

they don’t ask me cómo me llamo

they know… my name is peligro

I was born a bandido

en una cuna de barro

was abandonado

before haber caminado

and I’ve seen all the desfiles

of the young pistoleros

all the hypes and modernos

who thought they were eternos

when they see me they start to quiver

because they know they can’t deliver

that somebody they’ll never be

they know…


So go ahead and make my day

shoot me down de una buena vez

go ahead and make my day

bésame, lady

My name is peligro…

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