Down With My Baby - Kevin Johansen

Down With My Baby

Kevin Johansen

Letra, canción


'Down With My Baby'

I´m gonna get down with my baby
And I´m gonna get down whit her soon
She´s on her way and I just can´t wait
She´ll be back by this aftermoon

I´ve been waitin´for this moment, baby
Knowing all along that it was goin´to happen
Even through the moments of doubt, baby
I knew you´d come through
You owed it to yourself, baby
You were with him for way too long
Trapped in you own fears for almost 8 years
And all you had to do was wake up and walk out
Cause I was here waitin´all along
And now you know
That you belong to yourself
Not to him, not to me
And you chose me
Thank you

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