Robert Schilling

Letra de la canción

Hey, baby
You've got the lovin' I need
Hey, baby
You've got the somethin' I need
Well you're a cool cool cat, you stand about six-foot-three

Hey, baby
I've seen you taking (subway) Train E
Hey, baby
It's all free photography
Light brown hair, the cover of a new magazine

You're the center of time
And you control our minds

Heartbreak Girl Estranger
Heartbreak Girl Estranger

Hey, baby
You pay the price for bein' free
Hey, baby
You lack true stability
Your licensed boyfriend is away on temporary leave

Heartbreak, Heartbreak, Heartbreak
Girl Estranger, Girl Estranger, Girl Estranger

Cinema, mags, money-making deals
Someone left you naked here
Object of fantasy
And you stole all our hearts and we stole yours

Hey, baby
You can't bare this scene
Hey, baby
We're your fans indeed
Two cool cool cats from the dumpster of society

© 1996 South Brunswick Songs (BMI)

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