Metal Madness

Black Sun

Letra de la canción

You are trying to change your life
Trying to change your ways
Everyone keeps telling you
It's not going anywhere

And just feel you want to leave
All you've been living for
But the cadence of your soul
Doesn't let you go

Keep flying high
Don't let them throw you down
You are the one who has
The power to save us all

Metal madness
Never give it up
Metal madness
It's what makes you bold
Metal madness
Listen to your guts
Metal madness
It'll keep living on

You think the time is through
Then just listen to the roar
You have the light inside
If you want to fight some more

The new blood is ready for
This battle up ahead
Just summon the power
Rush the metal through your brains

Letra añadida por: adrisxe

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