Indianapolis - Menudo



Letra, canción



Over the horizon on Memorial day
The sun shows its face
People come from everywhere
To witness the greatest race
In the pits, mechanics tune the motors
gettin' ready for the fight
Gentlemen, start your engines
The green flag is down

Indianapolis (X6)

Cheers and banners fill the air
Together with the smell of, burnin' gasoline
Everybody on your feet to welcome
The ferocious machines
33 warriors in their chariots
Go out into the battlefield
33 shiny helmets
Take command of the wheel
Indianapolis (X6)

Flashing color turbos bite into the ground
Along the straightaway
Fearless men dream to be the winners
On this glorious day
500 miles to the checkered flag, to show the bravery
500 miles to the finish line, to victory

Indianapolis (X6)

Indianapolis (X6)

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