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Die Antwoord

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IN YOUR FACE es una canción de Die Antwoord del año 2010, este tema está incluido dentro del disco $O$.


'In Your Face'

Jealousy makes you nasty
In your face!

Yo-landi Vi$$er, gooi!

You don't know who I am
I'm a phenomenon that you can never understand
You don't know where I come from! You don't know where I hang!
I f*** you when I slam with my motherfucking slang

We're coming with the hot stuff drop it like it's warm
Pretty fokken wise hier getattoo op my arm
Ag shame if Yo-landi Vi$$er's fuc*** with your brain
Don't think about it too much you'll pop a fokken vein

Like b-b-b-boom gimme fuc*** room!
You're chilling in the fast lane fuc*** up my zoom
Lekker fokken brain strain keeping up with this shit
All up in the main vain keep it fuc*** twisted

People think they know me but they don't know shit
Follow my every move, sniff the seat after I sit
Make you feel it when I spit want ek spoeg jou fokken nat
All I know is that I'm blowing up like jissus what the f***? wat?

Jealousy makes you nasty
In your face!


Boom! Gimme fuckin' room
I'm coming from the dark side of the fuckin' moon
I'm a god or a devil
Harder than metal
Ya I'm a rebel!
F*** you if you're not on my level

Lot of nosy naaiers digging in my past
Like an irritating little finger in my ass
Ja sure Ninja changed a little since he left school
So did you but the thing is you a little less cool

Look at me now man, damn!
I don't know where I am
What must I do with all this fuc*** money in my hand?
Used to be a no one, now I'm the fuc*** man
With this fuck-you money to say f*** you cause I can

Jissis guys
This is nice
Chilling up in motherfucking business class
Take this hot face cloth wipe my bum
Get it lekker fuc*** ready so that you can kiss my ass

Jealousy makes you nasty
In your face!

Fok jou!

Fok of! Fok jou!
Fok of! Fok jou!
Fok of! Fok jou!
Fok of! Fok jou!
Fok of! Fok jou!
Fok of! Fok jou!
Fok of! Fok jou!
Fok of! Fok jou!...

Here is something you can't understand
How I can just flip the fuc*** script
En vat n kans to rap in Afrikaans
Jy's fokken gebritish ek's a motherfuc*** frans

Huh wat? Jissie!
Ek weetie war ek issie!
Ek rap nie nou in Engels nie want ek's nie fokken lus nie!
N klomp honde naaiers dink ons is a grap my blaar

Moenie worry nie, no one knows who the f*** they are
They must brush their teeth to take away that sif taste from

Hul ma se etterige poese in vis paste jars

Bons! Jy's nou saam met ons!
Ons wil fokken kak soek! Ons wil fokken gons!
Ons will fokken fuc*** raak! Ons wil fokken kak praat!
Yo ons wil n hele klomp moederfokken zak maak!

Hello my naam is Ninja ek bly daar onder in Kaapstad.

Hello my naam is Yo-landi I used to be a plat-sak.

Hi--Hi my name is DJ Hi--Hi-Tek I make the beat the beat,
Get the f*** out of the kitchen if you cannot take the heat.

Jealousy makes you nasty
In your face!

Respect my authority!

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