Some nights - Matty B

Some nights

Matty B

Letra, canción


'Some nights'

Some nights I stay up
Silent in my own heart
Some nights I call out to the world
Some nights I wish that my song would last forever
Some nights I'm much too tired to soar
But I still wake up
I'll still use my voice but Lord
I'm still not sure what I stand for
What do I stand for?
What do we stand for?
Most nights I'm not sure anymore

This is it yo - I'm feeling alright
Give me the mic - my games on
Friday night lights
MattyB and I'mma be whoever I like
Rippin through bars 'cause I spit whatever fits right
Rip it apart - it seems like
Some haters think that they can catch us sleepin' they must be dreamin'
Flip on the spot light (point 'em out)
All the bullies who want to pick fights (a little louder)
We can hear you from where we at (sike!)
This ain't about me, I'm just B...
9 years old but I see that something ain't right (spell it out)
People frontin' and they ain't that tight (where are they now?)
Trying to act like the future ain't bright
The world is yours and it's mine
But all this hate and separation - I ain't got time
I'm looking for friends with great minds
Kids like us who don't care with hands in the air some nights (MattyB!)

That's alright
I saw myself on that TV tonight
The words of those who challenge who I am
Who I am, who I am
Oh who am I?

Well some nights I wish that it all would end
Cause I could use some love for a change
(yeah yeah yeah)
And if I left you with just one thing
Like if it was just you and me
No matter what your friends might think
You can be whatever you make up your mind to be
But I still wake up
I still use my voice oh Lord
when I'm not sure what I stand for
What do I stand for?
What do we stand for?
Some nights I feel sure

I dare to be someone who's not afraid to follow my heart.
To mute those who bully and speak badly about others
while celebrating every little thing that makes us all
special. I choose to lead down a road less traveled and
rap about what's important to my generation. I dare
to believe in myself. Do you?

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