Canción 'Stage Dive' del disco 'Power and Pain' interpretada por Whiplash

Stage Dive Letra y Canción


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STAGE DIVE es una canción de Whiplash del año 1986, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Power and Pain.


'Stage Dive'

Get on the go over and done
plotting the plan of attack
It's time to fly over the stage
high above each Marshall stack
Passing the guard
making the move scale the P.A. to the top
End the first verse
past the bass bins not fearing the 30 foot drop

Thrash to kill blood will spill
Now that you've met your match
and nothing will suffice
Airborne offering
thrashing sacrifice
Stealing the show eyes
of the crowd focus of activity
Forty feet high moment
of fame going down in history
Begin the flight splitting the smoke
a swan dive into the sky
Tumbling down head over heels listening to cracking bones cry