Strength to Survive - Slow down

Slow down Letra



Slow down (Letra/Lyrics)

You can search the world for signs of life
and realize the truth is in your heart,
it's in your heart.
You can try to become who you want
but never get away from who you are,
that's who you are.
You can trust another like no other
watch them fall and then you fall apart
it tears you apart.
Always seen myself alone
but in my darkest hours, there you are
where's my guitar.

Oh now, oh now, oh now, na, na, na, now
Oh now, oh now, oh now, na, na , now
Oh now you got to slow down,
Oh when all you have is now
Oh now, oh now, oh now...

I've been all around the world to find "it"
travel east and west like everyday
I've been high and low since I have lost "it"
How do I get back to yesterday?
It feels like a game...

I have seen that look in people's eyes sometimes
and all I do is chase them away.
I've been all around the world to find "it",
but every time I do I don't let "it" stay
I chase "it" away...

So now I say:

Datos de esta canción

SLOW DOWN es una canción de SOJA del año 2012, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Strength to Survive. Agradecemos a zethemphill por haber sudido la letra de Slow down.