Falling For A Dream

Letra de la canción

hitting everything around me,
questions about what i'm doing here.
god knows i've made many mistakes,
I only ask a last chance to fix them.

I just ask a try,
to be someone new.
I am praying for this,
I'll not be calm until can be me.

I've been waited an answer from you all this time,
this drove me crazy.
I look at the sun in search of answers.

I've seen all this change around me,
my soul is not real.
my mistakes have fuc*** my life,
I am not the same.

the time of suffering are stopping,
the time to change is here.
let's do this!

I'm now a different person,
they helped me to learn
that finally the change is the best.

now you're with me
I will not leave you again.

Letra añadida por: SergioFFAD

Falling For A Dream
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