Falling For A Dream

Letra de la canción

the darkness in my house
made me see clearly,
the screams of shame in me,
with just one meaning.
your friends were not there
they failed you at the worst time.

they are not your friends,
are just others mother fuck***
that f*** your life.

I've become in a monster.

nobody understand my life,
nobody is what it says to be.
everything is a lie,
that finally all believe.
my familly has been there
but I don't needed any of that.

¡I will survive!

I've become in a monster.
I've become in a monster.

and this is what I have become for all what you did me,
now you can't hide,
just pray for you.

(just pray for you,
now you can't hide.
there's just one escape.
remember that).
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: SergioFFAD

Falling For A Dream
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