Nellie Veitenheimer

Letra de la canción

I cannot see the future as so many of you can
You’ve got your single pathways, I’ve infinite plans
The promise land is, you believe, right above us all
Well I’m concentrating on my feet, trying not to fall

I’m a night owl, a late bloomer
I’ll say see you soon
But you’ll always see me sooner
Literally a few pages ahead
But figuratively, practically dead

Nomad, Nomad
No matter what
I promise you will hear from
me again.

Nomad, Nomad
No matter how
I’ll have my head on straighter then
you do now.

Birds tend to fly but for some reason uncertain
My wings seem not to be working
They’re takin’ my places I never thought I’d be
I’m out of the races but I’m perfectly free


To the person that pushed me down
To the people laughing in the crowd
To whoever it was that said I’m naive
To the person who left ‘cause of what I believe

My current state of envy
Will soon be changed
You’ll be the one who regrets,
The system deranged


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