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You’re pushing me from side to side
Making me sick crossing all lines
Prepare your mind and hide your anger, Anger
And shoot the mirror!!!

Don’t close your eyes.
You Most better hurry up; life is calling out your name
This is for real now.

If you want to heal the pain and you don’t want to lose control
Just close your eyes
Want to heal the pain, and not lose control?
Don’t’ lose control
Hurry up cause life is calling your name!
Calling your name

HIDE THE RAGE, overcome your anger
Let it go away, from your head, go away.

STOP YOURSELF, all of your mind is blinded
But don’t despair, take a breath, make your way.

SET THE GAME, you have to set your rules in your world
As you see, it’s your name everywhere.

KEEP YOUR MASK, always hide your feelings
Never let it know, as a wall, poker face.

Letra añadida por: yOshimain (#10.256)

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