Matt Hunter

Right Here

Matt Hunter


Right Here Letra

Right here
Right now
Not every moment is special
But now I feel something crazy
Girl Right here
Right now
Ahora es el momento
Tanto espere nuestro encuentro...

So we should both take the chance
to leap with our eyes close
Your hand in my hand
Que importa el tiempo
Cause nobody really knows
As long as I'm here with me
And you feel the same way

Si sientes lo mismo
Then just let me know
Con tus ojos tan lindos
And your smile that glows
If crazy is beautiful

Then I guess this is crazy
Quisiera darte el cielo
Si tu me das tu sonriza
Y tu carita de nina

De mirada angelical
Tus labios de caramelo
quisiera besar primero
antes que yo me muera
Por no poderte abrasar