Face The Wind

Letra de la canción

Where hidden thieves deserve a fuc*** monument?
Where all our lives are in a few dirty hands?
When did it start to come so sick?
Where all is lost since you were born,
where silence means glory,
where truth has no place.
Where the guilty is innocent,
where evil beats goodness.
(This is our world)

Plagued by rats and vultures, full of selfishness.
Clowns in suits talk in our name always smiling,
There’s no fuc*** limit?
Will this never end?

Honor is dead. We live a constant war.

World meets darkness, we’re waiting for another sunset.
We’ve never been so cold, we’ve never been so wrong (X2)

It’s such a fuc*** shame,
we always fight against ourselves.
This drama never ends, we bury out shit,
we evade our blame.
We’re walking the wrong way.
What the f*** are we doing?
What the f*** are we standing for, now?
Who’s gonna judge them for the things they’ve made? (They remain in darkness)
Who is gonna save us from these burning flames? That are getting higher…
(Place your bets) For the apocalypse.
On and on it comes…
All hearts are losing their light.
So we have said goodbye to our moral INTEGRITY.
World burns into flames!

We know all scars shall heal, but there’s a moment when the wound is too deep.
And we can’t ignore, that we cannot come back,
that there’s no way to past.

Oh, this has never been so real.
And we can’t ignore, we are the poison and the antidote (x2)

Place your bets for the…
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: nubix:

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