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champagne cocaine and strawberries

First time you down it yeah you have a laugh
Second time you down it you'll be low on cash
Third time you fall, with the alcohol

Ch. champagne cocaine and strawberries

First time you smoke it, no you never regret it
Second time you sniff it, you'd be up to some mischief
Third time unlucky, cocaine

Here we go!

Ch. champagne cocaine and strawberries

Strawberry fields are forever appeal
Their soft red skins in your mind for real
Champagne cocaine and strawberries

You can sniff it and you can down it
And you can lick it and like it and light it
But you can't fight it oh boy, alcohoool
You can loathe it, and (or) you can own it, and you can roll it
And inject in, and sniff it' and smoke it, cocaine
You can like them, and you can love them
And you can eat them, but you can't beat them
Na na na na na na strawberries

Lots of couple of drinks, my head starts to spin
A few months streets tipsin'
I'm losing real, my world slowly begins to slip
Two or couple o'lines, let's get high,
Too many more and I'm not keepin' score
No one secretly want more

One last time!

Ch. champagne cocaine and strawberries

Letra añadida por: hagura

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