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All minds are governed to die when the media show of the terror way
Explicit lyrics in a last speech for seeking ways of be along to life
What? How search prolong the race or human exist has been a total waste
Meanwhile all days new disease affect your brain when she is too late

In the middle of madness is a logic believe that everything is absolutely real
Million voices invading your dreams, can not wake up with a scream
God talk is just a fact, dance with the devil is another act
Not think in insanes doctors and much less in a false saints

Not live politic lies
Not say stupid pranks

Feel a single thing
Live free in your words
No one will understand
Be a slave in your land

Listen to what I have to say
Friends do not exist anywhere
Less when you're lost
With a Damage Brain

Damage Brain!
Insane and talking shit

Damage Brain!
Religion or false saints

Dear God, deliver me from every sickness and every sin, even if you are dead and nothing you say is real, because they do not exist and you're just my imagination and my perverted mental illness, give peace absolute believers and come out of your head toward ending the hatred in the world
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: achphill

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