Letra de la canción

i dont even know who to trust nomore
my heart turned cold like an iceicle
one second i love you the next i dont
so whats the point of fighting for?
baby listen i know your motives
i know you hate me i know you love him
i know u wanna go back to him so go then
hes your old friend till the road ends
soulmates yea i wish we were
its like my face bit the curb when we split for sure
its like this shit occured to twist my nerves
cuz karmas a bitch and it gripped me first
but youre gonna get what you deserve
cuz karma dont let nobody through
i dont wanna get all negative
but what im saying is nothing less then true

you dont see you meant the world to me
but you used me to boost your currency
i see the truth now and its hurting me
you wanted him all along certainly
you claimed to love me? you deserted me
you cut me up just like surgery
im sick of it im sick of you
i feel nauseous when i picture you
you gotta go cuz you got shit to do
what? cheat on me with a senseles dude
ill teach you never to f*** with me
ill haunt you wherever you autta be
bitch ima problem thats hard to beat
you think its easy to up and leave?
ima show you its not that easy baby
ima psychopath

i love you i hate you
ive done alot but youre ungrateful
i know that one day you realize
that im nothing like them other guys
itll be too late then
so dont come back like ive mistaken
cuz by then ill be taken
and my love for you will be vacant
i dont wanna sound like a prick bitch
but i hope karma shits on your wishlist
and makes you cook and do the dishes
and tells you to stay out of his business
i dont think you know who you fuc*** with
but i got videos of you suckin dick
i should release them fuc*** bitch
but i wont cuz i love your fuc*** kid

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