(Cazwell ft. luciana)

stick um up up up
more vodka in my cup cup cup
half the internet like whut whut whut
in the butt on craigs list
stamp on my wrist
69 on my guest list
guess this
luciana this chick
hot like a wick
on the rise like bisquik
mydick thick
im so narcissistic
brand new trick hit me up in my district

guess what
you know you got it
guess what you know i want it
im hot
im hotter than
than what?
a hot chili pepper

thats me calling
here's a posish you might find apauling
wont let lose the juice im stalling
hold it. hold it. hold it. hold it.
belie ve me im easy
just blow me like its breezy
dont stop you pop my teepee
on drop im pop my seedlings huh??

you do things to me
(like what)
that i cannot pronounce
(ooh that)
im takin scores
kissin raw
see me rubbin out
you want it want it good
bet you wish you could
im buring rubber
with a love boy
and boy hes good

drop click and drag me
want but you cant have me
take a picture tag me tag me tag me


drop that roll im ready
hot and sweaty
pop the confetti
gas like getty
im sittin pretty
roll about 20 deep with my own committee
got my name blowin' up all around the city
sippin perrier while another major bid me
right thru security concealing um
and you must feel dirty your feelin' up
stuck back in the baggy and seelin' um
so high in the sky like helium
the same bank heads that come at me bitter
are the same snake heads that follow me on twitter
yeah i shine so much you think i shit out glitter
rabies got bit by the babysiter
still the last of the litter and a mystery
oops ! time for me to clear my history!

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